Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Bloomberg dead ahead.

In his testimony to the impeachment inquiry, a senior State Dept. official said Trump "wanted nothing less than President Zelensky to go to a microphone and say investigations, Biden and Clinton."

Also at the inquiry, a Pence aide on the Ukraine call testifies she found the conversation unusual because it was political, rather than a standard diplomatic call.

Following reports of people sawing through new sections of the border wall, the US Army Corps of Engineers will spend up to $300 million on "quality assurance."

A New York Times/Siena College survey finds Democrat voters in battleground states prefer a moderate nominee who will work with Republicans.

The Democratic primaries give preference to white, liberal states early on—and that can have consequences at election time.

Michael Bloomberg is preparing to enter at least one Democratic presidential primary.

To alleviate the childcare plight, Kamala Harris proposes making the school day longer—a better solution is a shorter workday.

Jeff Sessions announces he's running for his old Senate seat.

Fake news on Facebook is getting worse. Though it mostly targets Democrats, the most-viewed story in 2019 was critical of Trump.

New local news sites are raking in traffic—and cash—but they're frauds, filled with old content rewritten from authentic sources.

"It's very easy to conceal weapons in them." On 20 years of clear backpacks, which everyone—except their manufacturers—hate.

"Millennials earn, on average, 20% less than baby boomers did at a similar point in their lives."

Due to behavioral health problems, "millennials can expect at least a 40% increase in mortality compared to Gen-Xers at the same age."

“I don’t want to compare the offensiveness of various slurs, but ‘boomer’ is worse than every racial epithet combined.” If you call me a “boomer” you are committing a hate crime.

Bhaskar Sunkara: Don't rail against boomers. The problem is capitalism, and many boomers are suffering under it as well.

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A fascinating visualization of the citations connecting scientific papers that have been published in Nature.

“We are long overdue for a revision of what counts as an acceptable starting point for philosophy, and, therefore, for a decisive parting with modernism, which [jazz, architecture, and painting] completed as long as half a century ago.”

James Dean will appear posthumously in a new movie through the magic of CGI combined with old footage and photos.

“Originally, the theoretical city in which Blade Runner was taking place was called ‘San Angeles,’ on the imagination that it would be constant city from San Francisco all the way down to the border to Mexico.”

A history of aerial photography from the mid-19th century to the present.

Overcrowding for the Mona Lisa is ruining the Louvre, which is packed with other masterpieces. The painting needs to go elsewhere.

Paintings of everyday scenes and objects, by Rachel Campbell.