Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Brain data dump.

We're off tomorrow in observance of Juneteenth, and will return on Monday.

The Delta variant is on the rise in the US, and could further cleave the nation by surging in areas with higher unvaccinated populations—but barely registering elsewhere. / BuzzFeed News

How the pandemic is an example of a hyperobject—an incomprehensible thing so large that it subsumes us. / The New Yorker

"Everybody was looking at antibodies, all this stuff that sounds sexy." The immune system's real secret weapon is pus. / The Atlantic

The Supreme Court has rejected a Republican bid backed by the former Trump administration to strike down Obamacare. / Reuters

Over the past year, Medicaid enrollment grew to 80.5 million people, a "high-water mark." / KHN

Kaitlyn Greenidge: "I worry the lessons of Juneteenth will become lost because we have seen the promising visions of Black freedom-dreaming co-opted before." / The New York Times

See also: The Caucasians' guide to celebrating Juneteenth. / The Root

Discriminator is an interactive documentary about how facial recognition works. / Discriminator

The AP will no longer name suspects in minor crimes, acknowledging that doing so can have lasting, damaging effects online. / Associated Press

Zillow's algorithm is moving to a neural network, where the company claims its home estimates will become even more accurate. / WIRED

An entrepreneur wants to deploy thousands of helmets designed to collect data on how different brains operate. / Bloomberg

"An unprecedented study has now confirmed that we probably cannot slow the rate at which we get older." / The Guardian

The ideal workday lasts five hours, which is the maximum amount of time anyone can spend in deep focus in a single day. / WIRED

A two-year-old startup that already has 12 million users aims to supplant Facebook Groups. (Now do Instagram.) / The Verge

How fake Amazon reviews happen, and how to spot them. / The Markup

To answer a joke petition: Yes, Jeff Bezos could (easily) buy and (not as easily) eat the Mona Lisa. / VICE

In an experiment, a four-inch square wooden satellite will be launched into orbit to see whether plywood can survive space. / CNET

A tour of Manchester's new "Use Hearing Protection" exhibit, which looks back at the early history of Factory Records. / Creative Boom

Watch: Drone footage of Great White Sharks off the coast of California. / The Morning News