Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Break it when you make it.

Protests in Iran over the death of a young woman in police custody spread to more than a dozen cities, as shutdowns take effect to disrupt mobile internet and social media access. / Associated Press, The Guardian

"This is unprecedented. We haven't seen this level of fury and fearlessness. People are angry, and it's moved beyond the morality police and Mahsa Amini." / Slate

Officials investigating pandemic relief distribution triple their estimate of misused funds—to $45.6 billion. / The New York Times

Ford has around 40,000 unfinished new trucks parked at the lots of Kentucky Speedway, awaiting parts. / The Drive 

Wolf Hall author Hilary Mantel has died at 70 from a stroke. / Literary Hub

A deep dive on the books American schools are banning, down to the titles, genres, and content. / PEN America

See also: Among the books Nazis burned were a century or more of knowledge about gender and sexuality. / The Mary Sue

Getty Images is banning AI-generated art, citing copyright concerns over the images and data used to make the art. / ARTnews

Related: A roundup of the highly specific erotic imagery people are of course making with AI tools. / Rolling Stone

Scientists now have evidence that Saturn's moon Enceladus contains phosphorus—meaning the moon has all the elements necessary to support life. / CNET

Once derided by police as vigilantes, volunteer groups that target and expose online predators are now working with law enforcement to convict criminals. / The Washington Post

The current QAnon conspiracy theory is that the world is ending this Saturday, and that theory is based on an episode of The Simpsons. / Dazed

Horror movies that take place at Airbnbs say a lot about how much the industry has invaded our lives—and what "home" and "property" even mean today. / Dirt

See also: "It is extremely difficult to get wine stains out of canvas." A guard describes why museum rentals are a recipe for disaster. / Hyperallergic

An interactive map of New York City's street performers. / Felt