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Headlines Here, Y'all

Friday headlines: California hate.

The House of Representatives approves its first resolution related to an impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump: an explainer.

Another Trump aide confirms that military aid to Ukraine was linked to an investigation of Trump’s political rivals.

“We think we’re ready.” Democrats reach the end of closed-door depositions.

Trump declares himself a Florida resident, changing his permanent residence to his club in Palm Beach.

Related/unrelated: Florida has more suspected UFO sightings than any other state but California.

How are California’s wildfires, like other wildfires, named? Frequently by the dispatcher who takes the call when they're reported.

A new book collects some of Ansel Adams's lesser-known photographs of the Yosemite valley.

To all the California haters out there (for they are legion): Virtually every energy-saving, emissions-reducing technology has been invented, invested in, or implemented in California.

Despite what he tweets, Trump’s regulatory rollback has largely been a bust. In some cases, it’s been outright fraud.

Elizabeth Warren finally explains how she’ll pay for Medicare for All plan: mainly taxes on big corporations and the wealthy.

“Some things are worth not getting over.” A Supreme Court reporter says she can’t go back, post-Kavanaugh.

"Never preach to the choir." The author of Open Borders explains how to turn policy into a graphic novel.

Protests these days are much more likely to fail, with a success rate of only 30%—down from 70% only 20 years ago.

White paper of the week: The impact of haunted houses on Hong Kong’s real estate market.

Geoff Manaugh finds “apotropaic magic”—strange symbols, or bottles filled with human hair—behind the walls of houses in the Hudson Valley.

“Drugstore employee who came to work with a hangover.” “Person who only intended to buy lotion.” Photos from a Tokyo contest for the most boring Halloween costumes.

In Himalayan villages, Airbnb offers higher returns than farming, but to thrive, owners have to spurn traditional obligations.

During this "age of apology," Spain has become a pioneer in gay reparation, while the United States is a laggard.

In 2009, Nell Scovell wrote about David Letterman’s in-house affairs and all-male staff. Ten years later, she interviews him.

If “being busy” keeps you from seeing friends and family, you’re not alone.

A full-time musician in Berlin works out how much his daily expenses cost in Spotify streams.

As of 2014, residents of Vatican City drank far more wine per person than any other country.

Five itineraries for visiting the new MoMA, depending on time and mood.

"In both cities, as far as I can tell, the heel as daywear is dead." Zadie Smith compares dressing in New York and London.

See also: The Queen of England has a personal assistant to break in new shoes for her.

A British paint-maker sells colors like "I Thought I Told You to Wait in the Car" and "That Guy Will Never Make It Selling Those Shoes."