Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Capricorns will be cold today.

The winter "bomb cyclone" currently battering the Northeast is expected to make life miserable—and for many, life-threatening—over the next few days.

Photos of the treacherous conditions, including lots of people who should be inside.

Ordering food delivery during dangerous weather is unethical—as is the phone you used to place the order, the lack of a living wage that forces someone to brave the storm to reach your door, and the stores and restaurants requiring employees to show up in this kind of weather to serve customers who won't order food delivery because it's unethical.

An explainer on Sessions' crackdown on marijuana legalization, which will create chaos, which may be the point.

You had one job: "Mark Zuckerberg says fixing Facebook is his 'personal challenge' for 2018."

Based on debates and interviews since 1980, Trump's vocabulary hasn't decreased—nor was it ever large to begin with.

“Young times we only have time to study and make money. I couldn’t remember when I was young, what we were interested in talking about. Nothing.” Interviews with the elderly hint that with age comes happiness.

UK officials recommend that by age 11, children must learn healthy ways to manage their online presence.

Watch: Igor Bastidas's latest batch of oddball animated gifs.

Astrology was not always pop psychology; it used to focus on correlating Earthly events with celestial activity.

In a first, an academic journal devotes an entire edition to the study of Prince Rogers Nelson.

David Bowie's son launches an online reading group to honor his father's love of literature.

Lotte Geeven's Sand Machines capture the natural sound of sand, like the "groaning thrums of a didgeridoo group."

Paul McCartney was making secret home recordings like these, a Christmas gift for his bandmates, as early as 1965.

Video: An impossible Rube Goldberg machine traverses otherworldly living rooms.