Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Care of.

The US continues to break daily coronavirus records, with more than 121,000 new cases on Thursday. / The New York Times

"At this point, I didn't really give a shit." The Americans who are traveling internationally, and don't care. / The Cut

Trump voters turned out in the Midwest because of COVID-19, revealing a strange truth: "Americans simply don't care." / GEN

To sum up the past few days: "Biden’s campaign wants you all to chill out. Trump’s campaign wants you all to freak out." / BuzzFeed News

Over the course of 22 hours, the "Stop the Steal" Facebook group amassed more than 320,000 followers—until it was shut down for inciting violence. / The New York Times

Facebook's measurement for "violence and incitement trends" has increased significantly over the past five days. / BuzzFeed News

One theory as to why societies collapse is that when complexity increases and returns diminish, citizens abandon the system. / The New York Times

Twitter confirms Trump's special treatment—where he's allowed to violate content policies—will end if he loses the presidency. / Bloomberg

Why were the polls so misleading again? Because they're meant to be snapshots, not predictions. / The Hustle

Roxane Gay on the past four years: "I am not the same...and I am grateful for that, even if I hate what brought me to this point." / The New York Times

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Incoming University of Pittsburgh medical students wrote their own Hippocratic Oath to fight racial injustice and misinformation. / NPR

Police in Jackson, Miss., will pilot a program to live stream participating residents' Amazon Ring cameras. / Electronic Frontier Foundation

This week the US government emptied a Bitcoin wallet linked to the Silk Road dark web market—and worth almost $1 billion. / VICE

Starting in May, a company will conduct private dive expeditions to the Titanic. / Bloomberg

"Scientists discover bizarre hell planet where it rains rocks and oceans are made of lava." / CBS News

Video: Mirrors above Mauna Loa at night. / The Morning News

How the anachronisms in Beverly Cleary's Ramona books make it possible for everyone to see themselves in the pages. / The Paris Review

"In fiction, direct quotation appears as early as the 9th century AD." A brief history of citational fiction. / Literary Hub

The USPS has delivered a pair of riding boots to a leather repair store, 41 years after they were originally mailed. / The Washington Post

Watch: The mesmerizing video for Ólafur Arnalds's soothing "Woven Song." / The Morning News