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Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Carolina on our minds.

Hurricane Florence makes landfall in North Carolina. Despite slowing winds, the threat of storm surges has not diminished.

North Carolina may now be forced to reconsider a law that banned using sea level rise to forecast coastal planning.

Track rising water in North Carolina with a tool that serves data from every stream gauge in the state.

Oceanographers are using a new device to follow and analyze Hurricane Florence: underwater drones.

Manafort will plead guilty to two charges today, but it's unclear whether this is part of him cooperating with the Mueller investigation.

Thousands evacuated and one person died yesterday in a neighborhood near Boston following a series of large explosions, possibly due to natural gas.

Six of the eight New York State Democrats who broke from the party and aligned themselves with Republicans lost their primaries yesterday.

The FBI have become curiously interested in a New Mexico observatory.

Astronomers are fighting to reinstate Pluto's planet status, arguing its classifying details outweigh its orbit.

Even with tariffs, it's cheaper for Apple to manufacture iPhones in China than it would be to make them in America.

The new Apple Watch's ECG capability may save lives—it may also wreak havoc on the lives of hypochondriacs.

If we learn a lot about a state by looking at how it handles its archives, then it is hard to avoid concluding from this assessment that the United States is not a true democracy... The crisis at National Archives and Records Administration is not one of technical capacity. It is one of politics. FOIAs have been starved of funding. But recapturing the archive needs imagination, not just money.

A Texas immigrant detention center is built by a fracking site, forcing prisoners to constantly breathe toxic fumes.

Cybersecurity effectiveness depends on diversity, yet women are leaving the industry faster than they're entering.

The oldest known human drawing has been discovered in South Africa. It's 73,000 years old and resembles a hashtag.

Scientists publish at an astounding rate: More than 9,000 authors are credited with over 72 papers in a year.

Hikers are squabbling over whether Instagrammers should geotag excursions, which would likely attract new visitors.

A novelist who blogged in 2011 about "how to murder your husband" has been charged with murdering her husband.

Karl Kautsky called schnapps the enemy, but met in bars, which were hubs "of proletarian self-emancipation."

A personal tale of coming out, told through a history of shopping for apparel online.

David Berman retired the Silver Jews 10 years ago. His poetry, long in Pavement's shadow, might just last.

Landscapes covered in thick fog, photographed by Maria Mavropoulou.