Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Clicker treat

Florida has "effectively banned" AP psychology after the College Board declined to remove gender and sexual orientation material from coursework. / The Washington Post

"The rates of suicide, depression, anxiety, and substance abuse are skyrocketing." The health effects of extreme heat are worse than you think. / STAT

After a population growth that's continued since the gold rush, California has started losing residents—1970s New York could hold clues for what happens next. / Slate

Even as the overall condition of America's worst bridges has improved, fewer well-made bridges are being built. / Construction Physics

Maria Bustillos: "Barbie may have meant to enclose 'progressive' ideas in a corporate envelope, but the movie's politics are a total fiasco." / Popula

Incidents of orcas ramming boats continue to spread, but it's possible that rather than trying to attack the boats, they're trying to play with the vessels' rudders. / BBC News

See also: For millennia, orcas and humans worked together to hunt whales in southeastern Australia. / Atlas Obscura

"This is NBA Twitter, the at-times delightful, always deranged corner of the internet where name-searching NBA players and obsessive fans unite." / Dirt

The mechanical marvel that was Zenith's 1950s Space Command remote control—which didn't require batteries or infrared, instead using sound to operate the TV. / The Verge

"Music history is more than a procession of names and faces." Alex Ross on how Apple Classical falls short. / The New Yorker

See also: How concert tickets became so unaffordable. / Pitchfork

Your weekly white paper: "Hashtag fitspiration: credibility screening and content analysis of Instagram fitness accounts." / BMC Public Health