Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Color me bad

By 2050, one in four people on the planet will be African, "a seismic change that's already starting to register." / The New York Times [+]

South Africa's rugby team, which recently won the World Cup, is said to be among the few things holding the country together. / The Guardian

Taylor Swift fans have been camping outside Buenos Aires's River Plate Stadium for five months. / Pitchfork

"It's not a place that you actually ever really get to." A Q&A with author Kristen Ghodsee on why we need utopias. / Current Affairs

Airbnb's cofounder will sell you a tiny home for basically the median price of a regular house in the United States. / VICE

Silicon Valley prizes productivity, not fun, and a dive into Product Hunt's archives shows just how diametrically opposed the two categories seem to be. / Fast Company

The original Dalek episodes of Doctor Who have been colorized and re-edited for the show's 60th anniversary. / Screen Rant

In a study at Northwestern University, scientists showed how a synthetic melanin, applied topically, could heal skin from sun damage and chemical burns. / Science

To control an outbreak of fruit flies in Los Angeles, state officials plan to drop around 250,000 sterile male fruit flies per square mile in the affected area. / SFGate

An Australian aquarium is helping return endangered zebra sharks to Indonesian waters through breeding and rewilding. / ABC

Book chain WH Smith introduces a buy-back service for used books, which are then resold or recycled. / The Guardian

Interactive maps of homicides in medieval London, York, and Oxford present a new way to learn about the era's justice system—or lack thereof. / Medieval Murder Maps

Frequent use of terms such as "the thing" and "stuff" made evidence at the Sam Bankman-Fried trial somehow even more painfully embarrassing. / The Verge