Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Computer, enhance calm.

The Supreme Court has blocked the Biden administration's Covid requirements for large businesses, but will allow a vaccine mandate for health workers to proceed. / Associated Press

Jan. 6 prosecutors have filed the rarely used charge of seditious conspiracy against the leader of the Oath Keepers. / Associated Press

The RNC may require presidential candidates to refuse to be in debates sponsored by the Commission on Presidential Debates. / The New York Times

The Smithsonian is collecting artifacts from the Jan. 6 insurrection. / Hyperallergic

"In theory, representative, electoral democracy allows citizens to select authentic representatives of their interests." The pros and cons of replacing elections with lotteries. / Vox

Oh: "If you're reading this, you just survived one of the hottest years ever." / BuzzFeed News

Uh oh: "Here's how hot Earth has been since you were born." / The Washington Post

Researchers have found strong evidence that the Epstein-Barr virus is the leading cause of multiple sclerosis. / STAT

Continuing a downward slide, college enrollment has dropped by more than a million students since the start of the pandemic. / NPR

Australia cancels Djokovic's visa for a second time, though he's still slated to play the Australian Open on Monday. Here's more legal background on the case. / BBC, @sangpillai

The FDA is set to relax the requirements it's imposed on French dressing for more than 70 years. / The Guardian

From spoilers to avoiding doctors, researchers are studying deliberate ignorance. / VICE

"Today I wish to pay tribute to the time-honored magazine photoshoot 'put hot man in a suit in a pool.'"  / @CasparSalmon

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Watch: What it might look like if you asked a neural network to show you something relaxing. / The Morning News

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"Is this for real? Sure. Is this performance art? Maybe?" / Roy's NFT Emporium on the Web 3.0