Headlines Edition

Friday headlines: Do the SIFT.

Half of American adults say they find it difficult to sift through what’s true and what’s false right now. Part of that is likely due to the pandemic’s scale and pace, but part is our own fault as humans.

Related: A simple method for spotting coronavirus misinformation in the media. (It’s called SIFT.)

Research suggests that summer conditions can help kill the coronavirus more quickly, but “don’t expect miracles.” 

Also, early research suggests the pandemic’s death toll is far worse than reported.

Twenty-nine million voters participated in South Korea’s April 15 election, and supposedly not one coronavirus case related to the election has been reported.

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Russia’s Prime Minister, tasked by Putin to handle the outbreak, tests positive for the coronavirus.

In the United States’ worst outbreak in a federal penitentiary, 443 of Terminal Island's 1,055 inmates are sick.

Armed protesters storm Michigan’s capitol to protest the governor’s stay-at-home orders.

A memo instructs Republican Senate candidates to attack China rather than attempt to defend President Trump’s response to the pandemic.

Joe Biden denies that he sexually assaulted a former Senate aide, addressing the allegation publicly for the first time.

If you’ve heard talk of “the allostatic load,” it’s basically the wear and tear on yur body when repeatedly exposed to stress.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Matthew McConaughey, and Tamara Shopsin say you need an ASG (arbitrary stupid goal) to get through each day.

Headline of the month? “Man Not Sure Why He Thought Most Psychologically Taxing Situation Of His Life Would Be The Thing To Make Him Productive.”

"How are you?" feels weak as a conversation starter right now. Maybe try “how are you coping?”

A designer explains what it's like to be tasked with illustrating the Mayor of London’s "Stay Home, Save Lives" campaign.

See also: Andrew Cuomo’s Covid-19 briefings draw on the persuasive authority of PowerPoint.

Gorgeous posters over the years from the New York Film Festival.

In Madrid, the government is playing movies on large, portable screens. Meanwhile, thousands of people are attempting to build a 1:1 recreation of planet Earth inside a Minecraft map.

Stethoscopes, sound meters, sensor arrays: understanding the ways we listen to cities.

“Off the Wall with Keith and the Kids” is a short documentary about Keith Haring painting a mural in Chicago with schoolchildren.

Did the Romans invent recycling? Researchers at Pompeii say “staging grounds for cycles of use and reuse” lie outside city walls.

A photograph of the newly discovered comet "SWAN" and its impressive tail.