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Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Don’t let the pigeon steal your heart.

In a historic meeting, North Korea's Kim Jong-un and South Korea's Moon Jae-in meet at the border, pledging to remove nuclear weapons from the peninsula and end the Korean War that began 68 years ago.

With Mike Pompeo’s confirmation as Secretary of State, LGBT activists worldwide want to know if he still believes gay sex is a “perversion.”

A fact-check shows many of Trump's claims during his wild Fox & Friends interview yesterday lacked necessary context.

Joseph James DeAngelo, the suspected Golden State Killer, was identified by matching his DNA with a relative's genetic information that was uploaded to genealogical websites.

If a sexual predator wanted to come up with a smoke screen for his ghastly conquests, he couldn’t do better than Cliff Huxtable.

Related: Season one of The Cosby Show if Cliff Huxtable habitually drugged and subsequently fondled select bit players.

Today in tone-deafness, a proposed Charlie Rose show would profile men whose careers were halted by #MeToo.

Some drug companies cover patients' care—sometimes into the millions—to avoid bad PR and price complaints.

A chemo implant that has saved more than 1,000 cancer patients' lives is being phased out with no replacement ahead.

The rehabilitation process [involves] having contact with your family members—having your family be able to visit you is considered part of that rehab process. Puerto Ricans protests a government plan to send thousands of inmates to private prisons on the mainland US.

Evidence of Pleistocene hunters tracking and attacking giant sloths discovered near White Sands National Monument.

Archaeologists uncover the site of a massacre—possibly a terror attack—left intact and untouched for 1,500 years.

Comparing 2016 presidential election pejoratives for the opposing candidate: The right had more variety (and typos).

Lovely photo portraits of New York City pigeons by Andrew Garn.

See also: “The Brooklyn Pigeon Wars.”

In 1956, a nuclear warhead went missing somewhere near Georgia's Tybee Island—and it's presumably still there.