Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Doomed to repeat.

After an eight-month investigation, the US Supreme Court has been unable to identify who leaked its ruling overturning Roe v. Wade. / Reuters

It turns out the reason thousands of flights were grounded in the US last week was that FAA contractors mistakenly deleted files from a critical system. / NPR

More than a million demonstrators took to the streets in France in protest of Macron's push to raise the country's retirement age from 62 to 64. / Le Monde, Associated Press

"For better or worse, these terms are powerful." From the Great Resignation to "quiet quitting," why we keep making up words about work. / Vox

People who say they used to work at Amazon corporate claim the company's recently shuttered Smile charity program began as a way to avoid paying Google for traffic. / CNBC, Hachyderm

Using a dark-energy camera, astronomers have captured a stunning photo containing more than three billion stars. / PBS NewsHour

Is an AI chatbot that lets you mingle with famous historical figures a good way to learn about the past? No, no it really isn't. / Read Max

The source code for Apple's Lisa—the first consumer computer with a GUI and a mouse—is now available to download. / Computer History Museum

The New York Public Library's massive archive of menus exists because of Frank E. Buttolph, who personally collected 25,000 menus. / NYPL, Taste

See also: How to make the cheeseburger from The Menu. / BuzzFeed

"The more he looked at the things though the less real his memories actually felt." Luke O'Neil clears out his old shit. / Welcome to Hell World

How Lorraine Louie's surreal Vintage Contemporaries covers upended 1980s book design—and convinced publishers of the importance of covers. / The New Yorker

Yes, bike helmets can save lives—however, the threats to cyclists on roads are so constant and severe that helmets are hardly the panacea they're made out to be. / Slate

Related: How to not kill a cyclist. / The Morning News

"She said, 'Nothing makes me happier than your happiness, and nothing makes you as happy as being on your bike.'" A beautiful advice column response. / Autostraddle