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Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Door-opening dog robots seem quaint now.

Yesterday the Senate voted down four different bills that would have saved DACA. The only option that stood much of a chance—but still couldn't pass—came up short on the White House's additional requirements for a Dreamer bill, which include border security, limiting family reunification (or "chain migration," as your coworker calls it), and revamping the diversity visa lottery program (a Trump go-to scapegoat).

The most powerful voices on the Parkland shooting and the ensuing gun-control debate are coming from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students themselves.

American history shows gun laws, such as the assault weapons ban, have been effective in reducing mass shootings.

This country needs to make alternative plans for American greatness, because the president who disingenuously promised to end carnage isn’t going to deliver elsewhere either. In his inauguration speech, Trump promised to protect children from shooting deaths, and then did nothing at all.

A good reminder: Here are the Congress members who took NRA donations, and how much.

There have been more than 200 school shootings and over 400 people shot since Sandy Hook.

Since the Parkland shooting, Russian bots have been flooding US social media with pro-gun messages.

An overlooked aspect of the Russia investigation: donations to the NRA from Russia's central bank.

We don't need cockroach-sized robots that can walk up walls, but that's right where we're headed.

Facebook's new "Protect" feature is a data-collecting VPN that lets Facebook monitor your activity outside its app.

Also: Facebook has segued its two-factor authentication into a new avenue to spam your phone and profile.

A new machine-learning algorithm can identify terrorism recruitment videos with 99% accuracy.

If they had $100 billion to fight the opioid epidemic, here's how a police chief, a governor, and a sociologist would spend it.

Due to an influx of workers and other businesses, Amazon's second headquarters has the potential to flip a state.

Life expectancy in countries with the shortest lifespans has increased for six decades—genocide reverses that.

There's a 6% chance the Tesla roadster Elon Musk shot into space will hit Earth (and a 2.5% chance of hitting Venus) in the next million years.

Our likelihood of developing cancer later in life may increase because our immune systems decline.