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Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Dream on.

The Supreme Court has blocked Trump's plan to end DACA, concluding the administration violated the Administrative Procedure Act by not taking into account the interests of the 700,000 DREAMers.

Why all Americans should celebrate Juneteenth: it helps us see all the ways that slavery still shapes this country.

Because many people may not know: Juneteenth, explained.

See also: The original Juneteenth order informing thousands in Texas that they were free.

Mary Elizabeth Taylor, a senior State Dept. official, has resigned over Trump's mishandling of racial tensions.

An audit finds the University of California has failed to comply with laws to return Native American remains and artifacts.

The UK's central bank and the Church of England have apologized for profiting on the slave trade.

The Air Force is investigating whether military surveillance aircraft were used to improperly monitor protests in Minneapolis and Washington.

The argument against moving police funding to Child Protective Services: It’s just another wing of the carceral state.

Facebook took down a Trump campaign ad that included a symbol used in Nazi concentration camps.

New York City will enter its next phase of reopening on Monday, with as many as 300,000 employees returning to work.

“We delivered to just one customer—Madonna—and our assistant manager took her order and brought it to her personally.” Alexander Chee and other writers remember the magic of restaurants.

AMC announces plans for reopening nearly all of its movie theaters by the end of July. Audiences won't be required to wear masks or receive temperature checks.

More Americans have now died from COVID-19 than in World War I. Had the US responded to the pandemic faster, at least 70,000 people might have been saved.

There's still no telling how extensively COVID-19 has hit—or continues to hit—assisted-living facilities.

"It really does feel like the US has given up." Health experts around the world weigh in on America's response to COVID-19.

After repeated failures in government response, science is scrambling to understand COVID-19, anticipating the next pandemic.

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The Federal Reserve’s push to eliminate business cycles makes their inevitable recurrence more extreme.

Florida has approved a plan to release 750 million mosquitoes genetically modified with a protein that would kill their offspring.

Watch: A guitarist perfectly mimics the sounds of various gaming consoles.

A study of the popularity of the name "Karen" over time predicts that in 30 years, Karens will be Danielles.

People are sharing the music T-shirts they once owned, and wished they had back.

Someone rickrolled Rick Astley during his Reddit AMA.

"A visual exploration of typographical butt art using 50 different fonts."