Headlines Edition

Friday headlines: Eeny, meeny, miny, snow.

South Korea will scrap its intelligence-sharing pact with Japan. The move, benefiting North Korea and China, shows the weakness of the White House. 

For a 12th weekend of protests, Hong Kong plans for a 33-kilometer human chain of some 100,000 people holding hands.

Putin critic Alexei Navalny is released after serving 30 days in jail for planning opposition protests.

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang is surging, in part for speaking bluntly and bleakly about American self-destruction.

“It must have been whole once / for you could still conceive it like a dream.” A poem about freedom.

Prescribed burns are the best tool for stopping megafires, but they would seem at odds with both logging and conservation.

"In 1981, the word 'Montana' was added, and in 1985, it was specified that Helvetica Bold be used." Guidelines for US flags.

The best makeup counter in New York? It's in the second-floor women’s bathroom at the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

A popular startup in Chicago's underserved communities: microenterprise candy stores and snowball stands.

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A New Orleans family has spent more than five decades trying to perfect the sno-ball.

An updated study of the "10,000-hour rule" finds that practice makes you better, but not necessarily better than somebody else.

The University of Oxford has a bell that’s been ringing almost continuously since 1840, with about 10 billion rings so far.

How to score a homerun off a bunt.

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