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Friday Headlines: Emerging sea.

Trump is expected to sign the new funding bill today—avoiding another government shutdown—as well as declare a national emergency in order to pay for his wall.

The presidential power to declare a national emergency is provided under the National Emergencies Act of 1976, which—in Trump's favor—neither defines an emergency nor specifies what criteria must be met.

Congress cannot stop a president from declaring a national emergency, but the House and Senate might very well agree to halt one through a joint resolution. However, a supermajority, which is unlikely to happen along current party lines, would be needed to override a presidential veto.

He’s certainly anti-democratic...but I don’t call him a fascist because he isn’t violent. If he ends up declaring an emergency at the border over immigration, then I might change my position. There’s a long history of fascists using “emergencies” to create fear and conflict. An interview with Madeleine Albright on fascists, and whether Trump qualifies.

See which city's weather your home will most resemble in 60 years, if current climate change trends continue.

A Swiss company is confidently optimistic it can capture CO₂ from the air and bury it underground—eventually for less than $100 a ton.

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A "roofalanche" is a sudden release of snow from a rooftop, as currently taking place in the Sierras.

Why tidally locked planets—where one half is always dark—are actually Earth-like, and potential candidates for human colonization.

Mapping the Opportunity rover's 28-mile journey across Mars, which began in 2004 and ended this week, after months of no contact.

Ressa and Duterte have been crossing paths for over 30 years. She first interviewed him in the 1980s when he was Mayor of Davao. In 2015, during his election campaign, she conducted a now infamous interview with Duterte in which he confessed to killing three people. A brief profile of Maria Ressa, the Philippines news site editor who’s now been arrested twice by Duterte’s government.

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By instructing MRSA-carrying patients to adhere to a specific personal hygiene routine, hospitals reduced infections by a third.

Your weekly white paper: A study of soccer teams featuring Christians displaced by ISIS and Sunni Arabs.

An overview of the final version of the EU's Copyright Directive, which could turn the internet into a licensing dystopia.

The phrase "A Novel" was originally added to fiction covers in the 17th century to distinguish their realism as fictional.

A chatbot coaches you on how to properly break up with someone you’ve been casually dating, rather than simply ghosting them.

Historians have discovered a 14th-century nun faked her own death to flee her convent and pursue "the way of carnal lust."

A new website collects pre-1900 watercolors, with the goal of showing how the world was documented before cameras took over.

A fan explores why Alex Chilton, one of the most influential American songwriters of the 20th century, remains mostly unknown.

Video: An unexpectedly unsettling ambient track, "Stratum" is a new collaboration between Visible Cloaks (who released one of our favorite albums from 2017) and avant-garde musicians Yoshio Ojima and Satsuki Shibano.