Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Empathy for sociopaths.

The US has suspended a nuclear arms treaty with Russia that's been in effect since 1987, accusing the Kremlin of violating the terms of the agreement.

At least 21 people have died so far in the polar vortex, many due to cold-related injuries.

A US judge has ruled Assad's regime deliberately killed Sunday Times journalist Marie Colvin in Syria in 2012.

"If I were a reporter and I called somebody and they didn’t call me back, I’d probably be psychologically, maybe not even on purpose, I would probably be inclined to do bad stories." Trump attempts a weird form of empathy in an Oval Office conversation with the New York Times.

This morning, Cory Booker officially announced he's running for president.

To Howard Schultz and other billionaires who want to enter the 2020 race: "They should consider running against Donald Trump. And the place to do that is the wide-open Republican primary."

At a time of economic prosperity, the deep cuts last week at BuzzFeed should be read as a threat to democracy.

YouTube accounts for nearly half of all streamed music, yet generates just 7% of the market's revenue.

A new book illuminates Silicon Valley's original, democratic promise, far removed from the "male tech genius" ideal that emerged.

Taking advantage of an obscure Dutch law that forbids the police to interrupt church services, ministers at Bethel Church in the Hague had been running around-the-clock liturgy since Oct. 26 in order to prevent the five members of the Tamrazyan family from being arrested and sent back to Armenia. A Dutch church ends its 96-day vigil to shelter a refugee family.

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For 25 years, Lorena Bobbitt was known for cutting off her husband's penis, not for being the victim of marital rape.

Compiled through various breaches, a list of 2.2 billion unique usernames and passwords is now being distributed on hacker forums.

According to the UN, the number of patent filings for AI has surged in recent years—more than half were filed since 2013.

This year, 250,000 people pledged to participate in Veganuary—that's more people than in the previous four years combined.

Compared to previous Januaries, "Dry January" Google searches peaked in Britain this year, as did beer sales.

Drug researchers look to developing pain medications that don't entirely erase pain, which often acts as protective feedback.

Shark attacks are in decline, possibly due to increased beach safety—or fewer sharks.

A recursive painting thread on Reddit has become so complex that it warranted a web app.

The illustrator who created the look of Star Wars, John Berkey, once said sci-fi "isn’t literature."

Watch: A fascinating short shows imprecise Moebius drawings made precisely with a drawing machine.

Photos of the same window at different times of day and in changing weather, by Alper Yesiltas.