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Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Enjoy today’s cultured protein.

Some inside the Thousand Oaks, Calif., country bar attacked by a shooter were also at last year's Harvest music festival in Las Vegas.

With the midterms over, the media is no longer breathlessly covering Republicans' racial-anxiety-stoking story of the migrant caravan, which has now arrived in Mexico City.

Despite disappointments in Florida and Georgia, pro-choice Democrats didn’t lose a single governor’s seat and picked up seven more. A post-election outlook on abortion rights in America.

It's unwise to use the midterms to read the tea leaves on 2020, especially considering 2016's unpredictability, but here we go.

According to exit polls, native Texans voted more for Beto O'Rourke than Ted Cruz.

Since the Kavanaugh hearings, Dr. Ford has had to move four times, pay for private security, and still can't return to her job.

Video: A short movie about two women—a mathematician and a plaintiff in a landmark Supreme Court case—fighting racial gerrymandering in North Carolina.

Illiberal groups and parties in Europe begin to hit some small but significant stumbling blocks.

“We’re dancing with the devil here.” Neurochemical events may underlie the placebo effect—which suggests it's manufacturable. See more in The Editors' Longreads Picks.

Universally, it is agreed they are massive and preternaturally strong—the kind usually dubbed mitts or hams. The fingers are the size of ballpark franks swollen on a hot grill. Journalists and internet commenters alike enjoy talking about rock climber Alex Honnold’s hands.

Berlin raves traditionally feature white men with laptops. Some interviews with female, non-binary DJs diversifying the scene.

"Clean meat." "Cultured." "Lab-produced cultured protein." Businesses struggle to brand synthetic beef.

A surgery professor says recent students have good grades but little tactile knowledge. They're good at swiping, not stitching.

The National Institutes of Health needs someone to roll joints "within a range of varying concentrations of delta-9-THC."

“Perhaps the worst thing for creativity is dogma. Dogma delights in nothing; it insists on its own rigid ways.” “Creativity” has become an obsession across America. Which would be great if we actually wanted to foster inventiveness.

Performances of Bach have gotten faster, speeding up as much as 30% in the last half century.

Video: Here’s the current World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen playing “bullet chess.”

Identical twins in Fresno each gave birth to a daughter on Sunday night.