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Headlines edition

Friday headlines: Escape this.

Senator John McCain—recently mocked by a White House official, not to mention grossly insulted on TV by a Fox News analyst—is fighting Trump with his dying breaths.

Europe’s biggest economies take steps to protect their commercial and political interests in Iran.

Here are five scenarios for what happens next with Iran.

Nearly all foreign policy scholars—94%—disagree with Trump's decision on Iran.

Above any other issue, voters want to know their midterm congressional candidates' stances on President Trump.

West Virginia hosted the first government-run, blockchain-mediated vote in the history of the United States.

More than two-thirds of women running for the House won their primary races on Tuesday.

For every US woman who dies from childbirth, 70 nearly die—a far higher rate than in all other developed countries.

Video: A smart primer on why American cities remain so segregated.

Utopian city-building schemes rarely work. Don't tell that to the tech gods, who see the city as the next start-up.

This is America: The government’s response to the opioid epidemic looks pretty different from how it reacted to the crack crisis 30 years ago.

Dr. Dre loses a trademark battle to Pennsylvania gynecologist Draion M. Burch, aka Dr. Drai.

Photographs of Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano eruption (1969-1974). it added 230 acres of new land to the Big Island.

Now proved: the longest route you can sail in a straight line without hitting land is from Pakistan to Russia.

Pakistan passes a landmark bill—one of the most progressive in the whole world—protecting its transgender citizens.

Spain’s newsreaders wear black on TV for the third week in a row to protest political interference, gender bias, and unequal pay.

Brief descriptions of naturally occurring “escape rooms.”

Your intelligence, your creativity, your tastes in culture or romantic partners, the degree to which the world has mistreated you: the chances are they’re much less quirky or extreme than you think, especially since we’ve each got strong ulterior motives to believe otherwise. We all think we’re special. That’s why we’re not.

A 1980s guide to teenage satanism is found in an old classroom supply closet.

TMN’s Rosecrans Baldwin joins Sarah Hepola to discuss the first half of Tara Westover’s harrowing memoir Educated in this month’s Tournament of Books Nonfiction Pop-up.