Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Essentially screaming at each other.

A whistleblower says the Dept. of Health and Human Services sent more than a dozen workers—without protective gear or proper training—to receive American evacuees from Wuhan.

"It’s clear that the virus is spreading undetected in the United States—but how broadly it’s spreading is an utter mystery."

The CDC's coronavirus tests don't work, so New York has decided to make its own.

Fears of the coronavirus have dealt markets their worst weekly fall since the financial crisis—"with almost $6 trillion wiped from their market value."

Nigeria has confirmed the first case of coronavirus in sub-Saharan Africa.

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By coercing the ill to go into work, America's lack of guaranteed paid sick leave may help spread the coronavirus in the US.

"Doctors at the hospital said they first suggested she be tested for the coronavirus, as she had a high fever. Instead, the woman went to a buffet lunch with a friend at a hotel." Tracking a single coronavirus case in South Korea.

The DoJ is designating a set of attorneys to strip people of naturalized citizenship. While officials say they're targeting criminals, the move will likely increase fear in immigrant communities.

Clearview AI's facial recognition, currently facing legal threats from Facebook, Google, and Twitter, has already shared its technology with more than 2,200 organizations, including law enforcement, retailers, and government entities.

Researchers have figured out how to train a neural network to identify new types of antibiotics.

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Maps from 2000 and 2017 show how black residents have been pushed out of neighborhoods in five of the most gentrified US cities.

Aerial photos of mining operations show how unprecedented urban growth has resulted in unprecedented rural digging.

Building a post-apocalyptic world in Minecraft to confront anxiety about one day living in a post-apocalyptic world.

Whales are "essentially screaming at each other" in order to communicate over human-made ocean noise.

Some musicians are serializing albums because streaming puts them in competition with all other online media for our attention.

A woman who ingested "550 times the normal recreational dosage of LSD" reduced her chronic pain (after vomiting for 12 hours).

From the archives: For decades, the US government banned medical studies of the effects of LSD. But for one longtime, elite researcher, the promise of mind-blowing revelations was just too tempting.

"That will be in the eye of the beholder." Baseball writers answer the question, “Will it be funny if the Houston Astros win the 2020 World Series?”