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Headlines edition

Friday headlines: Et tu, boot

As the US Senate passes a gun control bill, the Supreme Court says Americans don't need a license to carry guns in public. / NPR, The Los Angeles Times

Meanwhile, war fatigue in the West may doom Ukraine to "slow strangulation." / The Guardian

The UN's human rights office says Israeli forces—not Palestinian militants—killed a high-profile Al Jazeera journalist back in May. / BBC News

See also: A murder story about a man who wanted to build a peace temple in Jerusalem. / Tablet Magazine

For the 2022 Paxos Biennale, Greek artist The Krank makes a big boot-print metaphor (with land art) regarding humanity's impact on the planet. / TMN

David Wallace-Wells: Between the (unlikely) worst climate scenarios and the (more unlikely) best scenarios is "an ugly muddle, through which we are now wading." / The New York Times 

An Iowa State math expert believed we should destroy the moon to fix our climate. / Futility Closet

Related/unrelated: How invasive earthworms are "wreaking havoc" on our ecosystems. / The Walrus

Urban planning fact of the week: The I-96/I-696/I-275/M-5 interchange in the Detroit suburbs covers 985 acres of land. Downtown Detroit covers 896 acres. / Twitter

From 2020, tips on how to ventilate your home from someone who figured out how to beat humidity in coastal Japan. / The Atlantic

Ethereum creator Vitalik offers tips on how to fit your life into a bag. "It's like frugality, but for cm3 instead of dollars." / Vitalik Buterin

A young woman was rescued recently from a hostage situation after sending a plea for help through a Grubhub order. / Insider

Daily Harvest, a vegan meal delivery company, says it doesn't know why a slew of customers have fallen ill. / The Washington Post

An often surreal retelling of life during the British Arctic Expedition. / Public Domain Review

A round-up of examples of people playing around with Dall-E 2 Mini, which renders human faces like Francis Bacon. / TMN