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Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Ever read the news (when you shouldn’t've).

With the race for California's 21st District now called for TJ Cox, Democrats secure a net gain of 40 House seats.

Another midterm race yet to be called: North Carolina's Ninth District, where allegations of fraud may require a new election.

Biden, Sanders, or Warren beating Trump in 2020 would mean overcoming a 28-year trend of younger Dems beating older Republicans.

New details in the Russia investigation are expected from Mueller's office today, including sentencing recommendations for Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort.

There are fears that China is using Huawei as a proxy so it can spy on rival nations and scoop up useful information. An explainer on the problem with Huawei.

In China, surveillance isn't always high-tech. Uighur families are often assigned Party members who eat and sleep with them.

After Facebook changed its algorithm to promote local news, anger in France over fuel prices grew, turning into deadly riots.

A balanced big-picture view on climate progress at the end of 2018: Cleantech is rising, but so are emissions.

A Lancet paper says climate change is already creating a healthcare crisis in America.

There's now evidence that prescription heroin could help those with opioid addictions—in cases where traditional treatment hasn't.

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Pete Shelley, lead singer of the essential UK punk band Buzzcocks, has died at 63. Here is a fantastic appreciation of his career.

An interview with the woman who heckled Louis C.K. at the Comedy Cellar by yelling, "Get your dick out."

The maps that have changed how humans view the world.

A set of amazing aerial photos by Kevin Krautgartner of landscapes, where a single white car is the only constant.

This isn’t the lazy entitlement of people born to money. It’s the anxious, aggrieved entitlement of the suddenly rich, of people just waiting to be told they don’t deserve everything they’ve ever been told to want. Utopia feels very far away. A four-day crypto investor cruise reveals nearly every stereotype about the industry, including a major gender problem.

A New Jersey teacher has been fired for telling first graders that Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy aren't real.

Among an 18th-century health book's bad advice: Children shouldn't be kept warm, or their bodies will become weak and diseased.

The developer of Leisure Suit Larry is selling the 1987 video game's original source code on eBay—bids have topped $10,000.

Lovely paintings of dusk, by Chloe Wilson.