Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Everybody wants to rule the moon

The new, highly mutated Covid variant—BA.2.86—still appears to be in "low numbers," but is now spreading to multiple countries. / Reuters

While health officials are still trying to understand the new variant, it appears to have greater potential to evade antibodies. / The Washington Post

More than a quarter of musicians and music industry workers have had no work in the EU since Brexit, mainly due to visas and work permits. / The Guardian

The CEOs of the 100 lowest-wage companies earn an average of 603 times what their employees make. / Institute for Policy Studies

As more missions reach the lunar surface, that means more people and more debris. It's time we all learn to clean up after ourselves. / Vox

A decade ago, a compound in flame retardants was replaced after it appeared in breast milk—now its successor is also showing up in breast milk. / NPR

It's now so hot on Earth that a small number of tropical trees are no longer able to photosynthesize—but that number could grow if warming continues. / VICE

Using a new AI tool, doctors can identify some forms of esophageal and stomach cancer at least three years prior to diagnosis. / Michigan Medicine

See also: "White blood cells zoomed in serve as a beautiful reminder that you are loved and worthy." / Digg

On scent and nostalgia, specifically "that 1980s bowling alley smell." / The Melt

A roundup of music videos for songs from movie soundtracks, where the videos are set in their movies' worlds. / The Reveal

"The notched tally stick itself testifies to the intelligence of our ancestors. No invention is simpler and yet more significant than this." The early history of counting. / Lapham's Quarterly