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Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Everything counts.

Stunning video by a Ukrainian medic who recorded her time in Maripol—before she was captured by Russian troops. / Associated Press

See also: A visual investigation of video evidence shows a group of Ukrainian men were in the custody of Russian soldiers before being executed. / The New York Times

Related: In Ukraine's first war-crimes trial, a Russian tank commander has pleaded guilty to murdering a civilian. / The Guardian

Health authorities are investigating possible cases of monkeypox in Europe, the US, Canada, and Australia. / BBC News

According to a CDC expert, the transmissibility of this particular strain of monkeypox remains a big question. / STAT News

"There are a whole lot of social value choices where there isn't hard science." Assessing how many years we lost to Covid. / Nature

See also: A sobering interactive depiction of how the US reached one million Covid deaths. / The New York Times

More banks and economists are starting to think the US could experience a recession within the next year. / The Washington Post

Depending on where you are in the world, you're feeling inflation in different ways—e.g., price hikes on sausage rolls in the UK. / Bloomberg

See also: "The banks collapsed in 2008—and our food system is about to do the same." / The Guardian

"There are just so few apartments to be had that Airbnbs make up the majority of [New York City's] available rentals." / Curbed

Related: "I count at least three signs that the national housing market is about to experience a significant slowdown." / The Atlantic

The US Census Bureau has identified the states where there were the most significant under- and overcounts in 2020. / NPR

The rollout of the DHS group targeting disinformation has been so disastrous because its director was targeted by disinformation. / The Washington Post

As mobile providers launch new location-tracking options to aid 911 services, privacy experts worry that such user data could be exploited. / Recode

"This should serve as a wake-up call." Researchers prove a widely available drug-discovery AI can be used to create potent chemical-warfare agents. / WIRED

"In the 2020s, if you want to be a successful artist or writer, you don't necessarily need cultural or social capital... What matters most is your content capital." / Literary Hub

Humans ingrained into nature with grass and flowers appended to their bodies and clothing, by Jeanne Simmons. / Colossal

Electronic-music pioneer Vangelis—best known for Chariots of Fire, Blade Runner, or for some, this Gallo Winery commercial—has died at 79. / YouTube, Pitchfork