Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Exactly.

The US House voted to remove the 1982 deadline on the Equal Rights Amendment. During the debate, Republicans against the ERA argued it would mean abortion couldn't be restricted.

According to newly available data, the effects of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill were "larger than generally publicized."

An Oregon sheriff’s office has an anti-activist unit funded by the company building a gas pipeline through the community.

Earth just experienced its hottest January in recorded history, part of one of the warmest winters on record.

See also: Photos documenting the decline of penguin populations in Antarctica, where temperatures have reached a record high 69 degrees Fahrenheit on Sunday.

The Defense Dept. will divert $3.83 billion from its budget to build 177 more miles of Trump's border wall.

The US has an affordable housing crisis. From vouchers to upzoning, here's what 2020 candidates plan to do about it.

"It tasted like the most smooth and luxuriant steak I'd ever had." A Calgary man is breeding urban pigeons as an affordable food source.

An Oxford psychologist wants to wean people off meat with nicotine-style patches smelling of bacon. Counterpoint: "It might work for some, but it would never work for me, I’d be down the nearest cafe for a bacon roll."

Op: Too often, researchers studying autism seem to have little experience in connecting with their subjects as humans.

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How recent indie video games are using gameplay to raise awareness of climate change.

A new interactive fiction game hearkens back to the text adventures of the 1980s—but is powered by 21st-century AI.

"My intent is to use it as my primary phone." Engineer Justine Haupt built a functioning rotary mobile phone.

Our future security nightmares: When your digital assistants talk behind your back and deepfakes can unlock your phone.

"After 1,434 days of rigorous real-world testing, I'm finally ready to give my impressions of the iPhone 6S Plus."

A woman lost a mixtape on vacation and was reunited with it 25 years later when she spotted it at an art exhibition.

“My girlfriend and I got excellent seats in the mezzanine for not that much money because it was not a basketball game anyone cared about. The halftime entertainment was Afro B, a fun rapper to whom almost nobody in the crowd reacted whatsoever.” On the joy of mediocre sports teams.

Comparing the ways different map projections distort the world.