Headlines edition

Friday headlines: Fifty ways to leave it alone.

Italy votes for a new parliament this weekend and Berlusconi is back. At the same time, Germany expects to get another four years of the ‘grand coalition.’

Ireland’s shut down and at least 55 people have died amid sub-zero temperatures across Europe.

A discussion of “long peace”—the relative absence of major interstate conflict since 1945—and how fragile it remains.

The White House and stock market were stunned by Trump’s surprise plans for tariffs.

"Tired of the restraints, tired of his staff, Trump is reveling in ticking off just about every person who serves him."

Reportedly, the President asked his Chief of Staff to help push his daughter and her husband out of the White House.

Trump goes public with his desire to execute drug dealers. Previously he kept it private, or just mumbled about it.

Traditional conservatives, especially female conservatives, are interlopers in Trump's GOP.

Across all media, women are seen more than heard—just look at the case of Hope Hicks.

“She Left Harvard. He Got to Stay.” Sexually harassment in the Ivy League.

Ten endangered species get their moment on a Lacoste shirt.

After Parkland, a poll finds more Americans want more gun regulation. The NRA’s top lobbyist says Trump does not, at least not anymore.

The outrage-sharing of a Parkland conspiracy theory actually gave it a bigger audience.

Librarians are being trained to handle overdoses after numerous opioid emergencies in public libraries.

Russia will allow cocaine, cannabis, and heroin to be consumed at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, provided there’s proper paperwork.

Unlike car manufacturers, auto-parts makers say they’re all for keeping Obama’s anti-pollution rules.

Mennonites deeply object to the death penalty. Colorado jails one for refusing to testify in a capital case.

New Orleans says it had no idea it’s been a testing laboratory for a Silicon Valley precrime tool.

Often stereotyped in the media, Atlanta the city is cautiously pleased about Atlanta the show.

“This show is not about reliving people’s sexual assaults. It’s an awards show for people who have been dreaming about maybe winning an Oscar for their whole lives.” Jimmy Kimmel hosts the Academy Awards this weekend. Here are 66 monologues and opening numbers, from best to worst.

Take a tour of Marc Maron's podcasting garage before he moves into nicer digs.

Here are some photographs of adorable ice huts in Canada.

Fifty ways (not really) to avoid preparing your garden for spring.