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Headlines edition

Friday headlines: Fog in your throat

Moscow confirms it carried out an airstrike on Kyiv during a visit by the UN secretary general. / The Guardian

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, the country has faced an unprecedented barrage of hacking. / WIRED

President Biden asks Congress to authorize $33 billion to support Ukraine. / BBC News

Bernie Sanders wants Democrats to make unionization their primary message for the midterms. Meanwhile, gerrymandering for Dems in New York goes bust. / Vanity Fair, Politico

With more than 100 Starbucks locations filing for union elections, a brief history of third wave coffee vs. collective bargaining. / Sprudge

See also: From 2017, a house in North Carolina decorated with thousands of coffee mugs./ TMN

Britons once paid half of what Americans did on out-of-pocket healthcare spending. Now it's about the same. / Marginal Revolution

Young influencers are being offered cheap or free cosmetic surgery in exchange for promotion. Some regret "ruining" their face. / NBC News

A price list reveals how cryptocurrency influencer promotion works. / VICE

"Fictosexuals" are people—supposedly there are thousands in Japan—who enter into unofficial marriages with fictional characters. / The New York Times

A Japanese mountain town of about 1,500 residents is attempting to create no waste. / The Washington Post

"I hope that there are many ways to be human in the future." Interview with an expert on living in outer space. / The Prepared

Unrelated: For sale at $87.5 million, Mark Wahlberg's Beverly Hills home, complete with private golf course. / Uncrate

Some early 20th-century autochrome pictures of France's Oise Valley, by art collector Antonin Personnaz. / Flashbak

People are newly enjoying the great '90s band Morphine, who "stayed hunkered down low." / Open Culture

A March 2021 performance "Chorale," a piece by Raven Chacon for four fog horns. / TMN