Headlines edition

Friday headlines: Friday night heist

A pair of legal developments suggest the Jan. 6 investigation is closing in on former President Trump's inner circle. / The Washington Post

Former US Attorney General Bill Barr says he told Trump that his claims about election fraud were "bullshit." / The Hill

Related: Merrick Garland's impossible decision on whether to prosecute Trump. / The Week

Russia shells Europe's largest nuclear plant, located in Ukraine. The US embassy calls the attack a war crime. / BBC News, CNN

The United Kingdom's deputy prime minister says Russian elites might have their property seized and handed over to Ukrainian refugees. / The Guardian

How different fashion companies are responding to the invasion. / The Cut

"I won't bite you, I am a sane man." A Ukranian Reddit user is translating war footage and news posts into English. / Reddit

Chinese script is the world's only system still used to represent the language for which it was invented. / Lapham's Quarterly

For centuries, perhaps millennia, caffeine was something you ate. Aspiring writer and "medieval influencer" Lu Yu changed that. / Atlas Obscura

From last June, cookbook author Reem Kassis explains how she Googled her way to a publishing deal. / Cherry Bombe

The 2022 Tournament of Books, presented by Field Notes, starts next week. Become a TMN Member for a 50% discount on new merch! / TMN Memberships, TMN Store

Composer Charles Ives wanted to use pitch distance to show God being "infinitely close to man"—but what is infinitesimally close pitch distance? / Futility Closet

Masked thieves heist €300,000 worth of equipment from the set of Netflix's heist drama Lupin.

Pictures of the Los Angeles compound belonging to Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea, now up for sale. / Moss and Fog