Headlines Edition

Friday headlines: Friends of Friends

It’s entirely possible that most Covid deaths could occur after there are enough vaccines to protect those most at risk globally. / The New York Times

See also: “Coronavirus Variant Excited To Compete With World’s Top Mutations In Tokyo This Summer.” / The Onion

“It absolutely has not processed yet.” An interview with the first winner of Ohio’s $1 million Vax-a-Million vaccination incentive prize. / The Associated Press

With summer approaching, many employers are acting like the pandemic never happened. / Vox

The pandemic saved the fast food business, and the wider restaurant industry is taking notes. / Experience Magazine

Related: A new trend in the wine world is "Brutal!!!," meaning wines with no fining or filtration allowed. / Why Is This Interesting

Redfin's CEO tries to contextualize our bizarre housing market. "It’s not just income that’s k-shaped, but mobility." / Twitter

Maps show a recent surge of new businesses, particularly in predominantly Black neighborhoods. / The New York Times

An update from the women hosting anti-racist dinners for white ladies. / The Cut

Naomi Osaka says she won't talk to the press during the French Open. Ideally (though unlikely), it’s a chance for tennis to reconsider its media format entirely. / The Racquet

Your social media apps aren't listening to you and don't need to; everything you give them is much cheaper and way more powerful. / Twitter

Instead of goose feathers, a new puffy jacket is filled with helium. / dezeen

A new NFT is selling one of the top images returned when people Google "face." / Accursed Share

Samantha Culp: NFTs may have a place in the future of art, but so far they reflect (and crystallize) the problems of the past. / Noēma

Pictures of characters from London's queer nightlife, by photographer Roxy Lee. / It's Nice That

If you like house music, here is a song we listen to on repeat while we work. / The Morning News

Dating apps see an influx of references to Friends in users’ bios. / VICE

See also: Gen Z discovers Jennifer Aniston’s ’90s outfits. Also, an oral history of Hillman College. / The Wall Street Journal, Vanity Fair