Headlines Edition

Friday headlines: Gender Reveal Fire Yellow

Eight days after the U.S. hit 100,000 cases in a day for the first time, the number topped 160,000 on Thursday. / The New York Times

US Civil War combat deaths per day: 449. US combat deaths per day during World War II: 297. US deaths per day from Covid-19: more than 1,000. / Marginal Revolution

In Iran, a massive cemetery struggles to keep up with the virus. / The Associated Press

A surge in cases in Sweden dashes hopes of herd immunity. / The Guardian

Patrice Peck: “What Writing a Pandemic Newsletter Showed Me About America.” / WIRED

The year of 2020 rendered in ironic Pantone colors. / American Prospect

Trump has tweeted 264 times since Election Day; none of the messages mentioned “coronavirus.” / Wake Up to Politics

“The November 3rd election was the most secure in American history,” says a group of national, state, and local election officials. / Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

“I’m sorry, then what’s your problem?” Lawyers for the Trump campaign find themselves embarrassed in court. / The Washington Post

Maggie Haberman: Once the election results have been formally certified, Trump says “he will announce a 2024 campaign shortly afterward.” / The New York Times

Three smart Twitter perspectives on “disinformation middleware,” liberal storytelling, and ballpoint pens. / The Morning News

Masha Gessen: When you have a deep, festering wound, you clean it out, and then you stitch it up. / The New Yorker

An art project will email you all 225,000 documents seized from Enron during fraud investigations. / The Good Life

Over the last four years, detention times lengthened as the number of kids held at the border soared to almost half a million. / The Marshall Project

“The point of the reform is to shed freeriding members." The Congressional Progressive Caucus rights its ship. / The Intercept

Other countries have social safety nets. The United States has women, and norms in the US tell them that’s their role. / Culture Study

Elise Wortley is replicating the triumphs of historical female adventurers, using only equipment available to women at the time. / Outside

An artist turns consumer goods into pinhole cameras so that they can take self-portraits of their contents. / It's Nice That

A museum thanks John Waters by naming a pair of bathrooms after him, at his request. / The Art Newspaper

Your weekly white paper: “Pretty food styling can harm consumers by misleading healthiness judgments for unhealthy foods.” / Journal of Marketing

A new Instagram project celebrates “interfaith/inter-caste love and togetherness in these divisive, hate-filled times.” / BBC News