Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Gestures vaguely at the moon.

Despite growing faster than expected in the fourth quarter, the US economy is under threat from reduced demand by consumers—who are trying to save rather than spend. / Reuters

"It's still difficult to fight the feeling that CEOs are willing this recession into existence to create a justifying narrative for layoffs." / Culture Study

See also: Macroeconomic changes have made it impossible for me to want to pay you. / McSweeney's

The National Archives is asking former presidents and vice presidents to check for any classified documents they may still have. / Associated Press

"In 2010, Obama signed the Reducing Over-Classification Act. It didn't solve the problem." Maybe there are too many classified documents. / The New York Times

FDA advisors vote unanimously for Covid vaccine manufacturers to a single annual booster, maintaining it would improve effectiveness and reduce confusion. / STAT

"When somebody really lives there on the Moon, I think it makes sense." Science is working to develop a standard lunar time. / Nature

Yuga Labs says it does not have copyright registrations for its Bored Apes, throwing a very weird wrench into its lawsuit against an artist who repurposed the images. / ARTnews

In the first study of its kind, people seem to be quite adept at interpreting most gestures made by chimpanzees and bonobos. / Motherboard

How the meta-aesthetic Corecore hearkens back to Dadaism: Beyond their tendencies to reappropriate, both are rooted in disillusionment. / Hyperallergic

"The approach to creating releases was so broad it included a cat that lived at the Hacienda (FAC 191)." Five creative lessons from Factory Records. / Metalabel

All 10 albums released during the brief life of Obscure Records, a music label owned and operated by Brian Eno from 1975 to 1978. / UbuWeb

This spring, TMN's Andrew Womack is teaching an online course on the pivotal Ziggy Stardust era of David Bowie's career. / Monmouth University

Everyone loves videos of grandmas cooking on the internet, except maybe the grandmas. / The New York Times

Catherine Scorsese's recipe for meatballs and sauce, as immortalized in the end credits of her son Martin's Italianamerican documentary. / Kottke

See also: Testing whether vodka really makes penne alla vodka taste better. / YouTube