Protests continue in Iran, with outrage spreading beyond the middle class. / The Economist 

Same-sex marriage goes legal nationwide in Mexico. / Al Jazeera

An index measures countries' contributions outside their borders. / Good Country Index

Ballot measures to watch across the country this November: abortion, slavery, referenda on referenda. / Wake Up to Politics

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David Wallace-Wells: The climate future looks darker than today but brighter than many people expected not too long ago. / The New York Times Magazine

A climate activist attempts to glue his head to Johannes Vermeer's "Girl With a Pearl Earring." / The Guardian

A report says you can eat two burgers a week and not kill the planet, provided you don't eat any other meat. / The_Byte

Elon Musk completes his bid to take Twitter private. / Axios

Will the new Twitter become a "free-for-all hellscape" or not? For Musk, more like "everything to lose and only retweets to gain?" / Quartz, The Verge

In China, a top influencer (and his lipstick) was disappeared, then reappeared. / Rest of World

The New York Times' umpiring game may be misleading, but it is fun. (It throws seven pitches at you, all called incorrectly during the 2022 season. Here's the game). / Deadspin, The New York Times

The Simpsons goes full anime in a Halloween tribute to manga classic Death Note. / Kotaku

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