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Headlines edition

Friday headlines: Groundhog day all over again.

The White House’s trade delegation in China wants a bilateral trade imbalance slashed immediately, and for China to stop subsidizing tech.

Netanyahu’s case against the Iran deal—which is basically Trump’s case, too—leaves many nuclear analysts “fuming with outrage.”

Among the upside risks of the Trump era: Some positive results—like Korea, maybe—that would be unavailable to a "normal" president.

“Can Moon and Kim be penalized for plagiarism?” To some Korea hands, Trump’s upcoming Korea summit feels like Groundhog Day.

In 2000, 45% of America between 16 and 19 had a job. Today it’s 30% and fast-food restaurants are feeling the pinch.

The author of Away With Words argues that puns don’t have to be awful if they’re done properly.

Sweden admits that its famous meatballs are actually Turkish in origin.

Chinese authorities arrest families who lost children in the devastating 2008 earthquake ahead of the disaster’s 10th anniversary.

A former Ferguson activist says corrections officers in jail target him while he serves eight years for lighting trash on fire.

This year’s Nobel prize in literature has been cancelled as part of the fallout from the Swedish Academy’s sexual assault scandal.

A new investigation finds an additional 27 women who were sexually harassed by Charlie Rose over 30 years.

Video: A reporter asks guys “manspreading” on the subway why they need to take up so much space with their legs.

As it opens membership up to girls, the Boy Scouts of America drop "boy" from their name.

In 1983, Stevie Nicks agreed to model for a self-defense handbook. It’s amazing.

I feel the need to prove that I’m down-to-earth almost every day... I definitely talk up my roughing-it experiences more than my luxury experiences. Confessions of a trust-fund baby.

To celebrate World Press Freedom Day, 36 news organizations ran ads encouraging people to read their rivals.

Yosemite Valley is under siege from tourists—up to 23,000 visitors and 8,000 cars per day in summer months.

NASA is launching a Mars mission this month, performing an investigation similar to "the claw game at the arcade."

An umami fans visits the panda-themed headquarters of Ajinomoto, the world's biggest maker of MSG.

Images from the 1980s, rich with "nuclear anxiety and environmental decline," from a new photo series by Mimi Plumb.