Headlines Edition

Friday headlines: Guns, germs, and deal

The White House and Democrats seem resigned to the likelihood that Congress won't reach a stimulus deal amid the economic crisis. / The Washington Post

Congress can’t even agree on the kind of thermometer to use test lawmakers for coronavirus symptoms. / The Washington Post

Incidentally, “the White House” in that first headline does not include the United States’ supposed deal-maker of a president, who’s currently on vacation. / The New York Times, Towleroad

Teachers say their classrooms are becoming “collateral damage” in the protracted stalemate. Meanwhile, up to 40 million Americans face eviction. / The New York Times, CNN

Related: Trump’s “America First” policy has basically been the world’s worst bouncer. / The Lincoln Project

Protesters clashed with Lebanese security forces at anti-government demonstrations around Beirut. / BBC News

Some remarkable footage finds a Beirut bridge’s photoshoot disrupted by the recent explosions. / The Morning News

Deutsche Bank, subpoenaed by New York prosecutors, hands over documents supplied by the Trump Organization to acquire loans. / CNBC

Analysis finds that by embracing Trump, the GOP abandoned its 2013 "autopsy" for short-term gains and long-term failure. Now, some conservatives want Trump to embrace more anti-transgender issues to improve his poll numbers. / NPR, Politico 

Perhaps better than Trump's National Garden would be a monument to American nothingness, similar to Roman altars to the "Unknown God." / The New York Times

Jason Zengerle: Today’s political allegiances are determined “less by affection for one party than by hatred of the other." / The New York Times Magazine

Kanye West doesn’t deny his plans to run for president are meant to siphon votes away from Joe Biden. / Forbes

A civil lawsuit seeks to dissolve the NRA after an 18-month investigation finds extensive financial misconduct. / BuzzFeed News

Global funding for police training from the United States has increased to about $146 million in 2019 from $4.3 million in 2001. / The Ballot

A survey of rents during the pandemic: falling in San Francisco, Denver, New York; rising in Cleveland, Indianapolis, and Reno. / Wolf Street

The modern radiator was invented to fight epidemics like 1918's Spanish Influenza, heating housing without sharing airflow. / Bloomberg CityLab

As a racist term, "master bedroom" is on its way out among realtors. Many home builders dropped it years ago for "primary suite." / MarketWatch

NPR’s “Code Switch” does a good video episode to explain why, until recently, it’s been easier in the running community to talk about safety for white women than for runners of color. / The Morning News

A new study says the 2009 hit Born to Run suffered from “the fallacy of the athletic savage.” / Outside

An interview with photographer Jeremy Grier about how he's made his artistic process therapeutic. / It's Nice That

In Portland, "Caesar the no drama llama" brings to protests a calm demeanor and lots of hugs. / The Washington Post