Headlines edition

Friday headlines: Hard irony poisoning.

Hurricane Lane has weakened, but it’s still expected to be hazardous in Hawaii over the next couple of days.

A week of chaos continues in Australia’s government. It’s nothing new: The past decade has been marked “by a series of leadership coups.”

President Trump’s smash-mouth tactics come straight from Roy Cohn, Joe McCarthy’s hatchet man.

A parody account is getting frighteningly good at anticipating President Trump's actual tweets.

Nathan Lane explains what it was like to play Roy Cohn recently—and win a Tony—in Trump’s America.

Despite a teasing tweet, Idris Elba confirms he will not be the next James Bond.

The censorship of culture crests in Cuba, with phones tapped, performances stopped, artists arrested.

In German towns where Facebook use is higher than average, there are commensurately more attacks on refugees.

Scientists are puzzled by "STEVEs"—mysterious, ribbon-like lights that bear a striking resemblance to auroras.

The astonishing story of the youngest person in the US to undergo a face transplant.

From 2015, but still on point: Why teenagers love making jokes about 9/11. (To make it irrelevant.)

"Operationalized hard irony poisoning" is when malicious actors recruit everyday web users to noxious ideas.

Among problems faced by marijuana addicts: convincing other people that their problem is real.

A journalistic deep-dive into why some men and boys enter bathtubs on their hands and knees.

From this week’s white paper: Income inequality positively covaries with female sexualization on social media.

A screenshot timeline of the who-knows-what-is-real mash-up that is Azealia Banks plus Grimes plus Elon Musk.

New competition for LaCroix: a flavored-water water cooler that’s taking Silicon Valley by storm.

The world's most expensive ice cream sundae—$60,000—includes a mountain climb and hand-churned glacial ice.