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Headlines edition

Friday headlines: Hedge sponge

Russia formally warns the United States of "unpredictable consequences" if Washington continues to arm Ukraine. / Reuters

In France's presidential contest, Marine Le Pen is said to find her strongest support in places that embrace middlebrow Americana / UnHerd

A proposal in London would send migrants seeking asylum to Rwanda, no matter their country of origin. / Quartz 

Migrants flee South Africa as hostility toward foreigners worsens. / The Globe and Mail

The death toll from flooding in KwaZulu-Natal exceeds 300 people. / BBC News

To manage the increasing risk of extreme rainfall, New York City may need to get spongier. (A study found it to be 30 percent "spongy.") / Bloomberg

Laura Maw: Like the idea of "horrible architecture" (an actual concept?), much of the internet is full of "decay, ruin, and derelict." / Real Life

The BeReal app, intended to be an antidote to social media, is said to make users feel worse than using Instagram. / BuzzFeed News

See also: The rise of mental health chatbots. Also, the decline of Amazon's drone deliveries. / The Guardian, The Verge

Taylor Swift is NYU's commencement speaker this year, which means fans are asking graduating seniors to sell their seats. (One offered $500). / Inside Higher Ed

Elizabeth Spiers says the Chinese finger traps in Severance are an apt metaphor for corporate perk culture. / The New York Times 

For its 150th birthday, Yellowstone National Park offers an annual pass for $1,500 that won't be valid for 150 years. / Yellowstone

Some nicely written praise for magnolia trees. "If a magnolia is in flower then everyone knows it's in flower." / House and Garden

Some pictures of spoons, forks, and other things, by Xianwen Wei. Also, how to maintain a literary life in prison. / Phases Mag, Electric Lit

At a Tokyo cafe for writers on deadline, customers can't leave until finished, but they can choose the tone of their reprimands. / Spoon & Tamago