Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Here in my car, I feel safest of all

Mexico's Supreme Court decriminalized abortion this week, ruling all federal health services and institutions must provide the procedure to anyone who requests it. / ABC

This summer, heat records in the northern hemisphere were "not just broken but smashed." / Financial Times

Related: August was the second hottest month on record. "The only month that has ever been warmer is the one immediately before it, July 2023." / Ars Technica

Extreme heat poses particular threats to people with schizophrenia, who are more 200% more likely to die from heat exposure. / The Washington Post

How the Google antitrust case—which argues that the company illegally maintained a search monopoly—could change the web. / Platformer

"She still loved [the web] for what it could be and what it had been originally designed to be." Memories of web pioneer Molly Holzschlag, who has died at 60. / Eric Meyer

Astonishing results in a privacy report on 25 car makers, all of which collect too much personal data—down to information on genetics and sexual activity. / Privacy Not Included

Elon Musk refused Starlink access in Ukraine's attempt to stage an attack in Crimea last September, as revealed in Walter Isaacson's Musk biography. / The Washington Post

Your weekly white paper: "We Do Not Know the Population of Every Country in the World for the Past Two Thousand Years." / The Journal of Economic History

"It would not be until the 20th century that the once-vulgar hands-in-pockets stance became something entirely different." What should men do with their hands? / Guernica

A company that claimed to use AI to "magically generate custom 3D models in minutes" was sometimes paying humans between $1 and $4 to make the models. / 404 Media

In a study of 24 countries, Britons were the least likely to place importance on work. / The Guardian

See also: "Many people say they love working the ten-hour, four-day schedule. I totally get it. But what about the seven-day, five-hour-and-37-minutes-a-day schedule?" / Dinner Party