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Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Hot hot heat.

The US surgeon general has published an advisory warning that vaccine misinformation is a "serious threat to public health." / CNN

As coronavirus cases surge, Los Angeles County once again will require masks to be worn indoors. / Los Angeles Times

After allegedly destroying a "Back the Blue" sign and "smirking" at a cop, a woman in Utah has been charged with a hate crime under a 2019 state law. / BuzzFeed News

Claiming guns are "for everyone," a company is customizing Glocks to appear to be made of Lego. / Boing Boing

A 1972 MIT study said overexploitation of planetary resources would destroy society this century. A new study shows we're still on track. / VICE

A heat vulnerability map of New York City shows which neighborhoods are trapping the most heat. / The Verge

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"The thing Facebook readers love the most is getting mad about stuff that's happening on Twitter." A unified theory of online anger. / Garbage Day

"It was a human and related voice / That cried to me in pain." Stevie Smith's "Oblivion," courtesy of Nick Cave. / The Red Hand Files

The new Anthony Bourdain documentary contains lines spoken by an AI model of the late chef. / The New Yorker

Musician Holly Herndon introduces her deepfake "twin," which takes any audio and turns it into a song in Herndon's voice. / Holly+

See also: Holly Herndon, "Spem in Alium," and new frontiers in polyphony. / The Morning News

Katie Crouch on using song structures as a method to solve plot issues while writing a novel. / Literary Hub

"Two people made an entire Game Boy Color game with licensed IP for a major publisher. How in the world?" The untold story of Snoopy Tennis. / SUPERJUMP

Swallows organized into checkerboards, by Edouard Taufenbach and Bastien Pourtout. / The Eye of Photography

"Gen Z, unfamiliar with the concept of obscurity, has access to the smartest iteration of the internet thus far." Cool, reconsidered. / Vox