Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Hot or hot

The heat dome over the Southwest US is expected to continue through the weekend, with record-setting temperatures expected on Sunday. / SFGATE

Even in Laredo, where locals are used to hot weather, heat-related deaths are climbing. / The New York Times

Heat off the Florida coast reaches unprecedented highs, due to a heat wave that hit earlier and harder than expected. / CNN

See also: Last month, Earth's ocean surface temperature was the highest ever recorded. / NOAA

"More than half of the world's ocean has changed colors in the past 20 years, a phenomenon that is likely driven by climate change." / The Straits Times

In a shocking finding, more than a third of North America's birds have vanished over the past 50 years. / Nautilus

The World Health Organization says aspartame may cause cancer. The FDA disagrees. The people just want to know if they can drink 12 Diet Cokes a day. / NPR

We need to talk about cashews on pizza, the West Coast phenomenon that stretches from the Inland Empire to Olympia. / LAist

See also: From 2005, Choire Sicha on the East Coast olive conspiracy—or why New York pizzerias won't serve green olives. / The Morning News

"An heirloom does not have to be expensive; it simply needs to be made well enough to last." Looking back on your father's watches. / Put This On

Five replicas of the NYC World's Fair Trylon and Perisphere. / Untapped New York

"Aaron Sorkin made a whole-ass movie about how much this guy sucks." Don't let Threads fool you, Mark Zuckerberg is not your friend. / Welcome to Garbagetown