Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Invisible lines.

China's massive Evergrande property developer misses its $83 million bond payment, and now has 30 days before it defaults. / CNBC

After a series of moves to crack down on cryptocurrencies, today China banned all crypto transactions. / VICE

The Maricopa County recount funded by "Stop the Steal" groups has found Trump lost by an even wider margin than official election results showed. / The Arizona Republic

The Taliban says executions and amputations will return as punishments in Afghanistan. / Associated Press

According to the FAA, incidents with unruly passengers are "two to three times above" where they should be. / CBS News

Rather than cooperating through the pandemic in North Africa, the legacy of colonialism caused many to capitalize on shortages. / Africa Is a Country

Roxane Gay: "Politicians love to invoke the idea of borders in service of a scarcity doctrine." / The Audacity

Recent photos of international border walls, by Rafał Milach. / Hyperallergic

Fossilized footprints found in New Mexico show humans reached North America as much as 10,000 years earlier than previously thought. / CNN

Researchers are using Lidar aerial mapping at Teotihuacán to discover how the ancient city was built. / Gizmodo

A retro side-scroller game, "Yaopan. Un Juego de la Conquista," takes place during Mexico's invasion by Europeans, from the perspective of Tlaxcalans. / MetaFilter

Brazil's "Levante do Metal Nativo" movement sings heavy metal in the Tupi-Guarani language in hopes of saving their native tongue. / Open Culture

"I had to close my laptop and stare at the wall for a few minutes." The surprising benefits of therapy voyeurism. / The Atlantic

A new website, Find Center, contains 500,000 pages of self-care and burnout-avoidance content recommended by experts. / Quartz

Negatives altered into images not quite real and not quite unreal, by photographer Julie Hamel. / LensCulture

"I tend to think an item lives in a particular folder… They see it like one bucket." For today's students, file structures don't exist. / The Verge

How Spotify and Apple Music use pro-rata accounting to pay artists less. / Dada Drummer Almanach

A short documentary on Aaron Ralph's 2,700-kilometer, meandering bikepacking trip up the United Kingdom. / The Morning News

Photographic collages of bedding, by Mira Burack. / Matterology