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Another billionaire banker goes missing in China, likely disappeared in the government's anti-corruption campaign. / Quartz

Portugal ends its "golden visas" scheme for foreign property buyers, to address the country's lack of affordable housing. / reuters

The average daily rate of an Airbnb rental is 36% higher today than it was in 2019. / The Points Guy

See also: A website tracks the cost of a Big Mac around the United States. (It varies.) / McCheapest

A new book on light pollution finds artificial light accounting for 10 percent of global energy use, "but just a fraction of it is actually useful." / Undark

Related: "American drivers have a blinding headlight problem." / Business Insider

A Paleolithic archeologist describes a family excursion in 12,000 BCE. "All work and no play? Not quite." / Aeon

Sociologists find generations that seem atypical when they are young—e.g., wacky Gen Z—tend to revert to familiar patterns as they age. / The London Review of Books

On the topic of horniness among asexual people: "There's no contradiction there." / Jezebel

A cancer patient in the US develops an "uncontrollable Irish accent" during treatment. / The Guardian

Yet more AI stuff: A podcast hosted by two AI bots; another Twitch "show," featuring awkward dates. / Spotify, Twitch

Ethan Mollick: There are already signs that complex jobs, like financial projections and analysis, may be more doable by AI than we might have expected. / One Useful Thing

Finally, something new for this year's Tournament of Books: our ToB Mascot program featuring readers' pets! Find out more about it, then reply to this email if you want to take part. / Mailchimp