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Friday headlines: Is your city dtf?

Your heavy-think read for the commute: Americans need to consider if our foreign policy is actually an insidious form of empire.

In the poorest countries as well as the richest, mental disorders are "the greatest thief of productive life."

See also: Burger King introduces a range of unhappy meals.

Nearly half of American college students at over 100 institutions say they’ve been “food insecure” in the past 30 days.

Seven racehorses from a Florida auction sold for $475,000 to Korean buyers. Within two years, all of them went to the same slaughterhouse.

Many Portuguese idioms are about fish. A new book by Joana Avillez illustrates some of them.

"Venezuelans must stop being seen as a punchline for misleading arguments about the benefits of bitcoin."

Debunked viral videos show people trying to light wood beams on fire, alleging that Notre Dame's blaze was a criminal act.

USA Today and its newspapers collect records of thousands of police officers investigated for serious misconduct.

David Brooks: “Maybe racial injustice is at the core of everything.”

Photography has a history of racial bias on a technology level. Unfortunately, it’s still around.

Related/unrelated: Autochrome color photos from 1907 by Etheldreda Laing (1872–1960).

Examples show why Insecure is the rare show on TV to properly light black people's faces.

"For every potential drawback to Instagram, there are multiple positive gains for young people." Fashion in the Instagram age.

How China spies on its Muslim minority: with an app.

How Democrats feel better about not impeaching Trump: by turning his attorney general into their all-purpose foil.

A guide to artists not to miss at this year's Frieze New York.

An antidote to US-dominated design conversation: Interviews with teams in India, Indonesia, Jordan, and more.

Singapore's Changi Airport now includes a forested indoor park complete with a seven-story waterfall.

A new study finds that all perching bird species—most of the world’s bird population—originated in Australia.

A poem for your weekend: ““The city has sex with everything,” by Catherine Wagner.