Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: It’s been pouring.

Ahead of Trump's Monday tariff deadline, Mexico has arrested two caravan organizers and will send 6,000 national guard troops to its southern border in order to stem the flow of undocumented immigrants.

Additionally, Mexico and the US are discussing changes to asylum rules, including a requirement that migrants would need to apply for asylum in the first country they enter.

Seventeen of the world's largest automakers send a letter to Trump, asking him not to eliminate Obama's pollution standards, holding that such a rollback would result in litigation and market instability.

A new analysis of corporate disclosures shows major corporations anticipate climate change will start disrupting their businesses within the next five years.

Studies of the 2017 People's Climate March suggest its non-confrontational attitude appealed to bystanders.

Photos from Chernobyl and surrounding areas in the days and weeks following the 1986 nuclear disaster.

The EU's embassy in Moscow was hacked and information was stolen, an act that was discovered in April, just weeks before Europe's parliamentary elections.

The collapse of the Islamic State’s caliphate left behind a humanitarian crisis: tens of thousands of children detained in northeast Syria.

Following criticism over his support of a ban on using federal funds to cover abortion, Biden reverses course.

Related: How Biden repeatedly tried to remove the ACA's contraception coverage.

In states that expanded Medicaid under the ACA, the time for African-American cancer patients to begin chemo shortened to nearly the same as for white patients.

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Not all the fundraising hosts got a matched amendment for their efforts. But hosting a fundraiser turned out to increase your chances of getting your words in a proposed amendment—hosts’ letters were three and a half times as likely to text-match with amendments as non-hosts’. It’s obvious that money influences politics, but evidence that it corrupts depends on who’s asking the questions.

After some members were disciplined by their employers, the National Academy of Sciences now allows removal for sexual harassment.

Norway's Ada Hegerberg, the world's best soccer player, is boycotting her national team until women receive equal support.

Celebrities will drive Hollywood decisions on filming in Georgia—but women on Georgia film crews have the most to lose.

On its own, each video might be perfectly innocent, a home movie, say, made by a child. Any revealing frames are fleeting and appear accidental. But, grouped together, their shared features become unmistakable. How YouTube’s recommendation system has become a haven for pedophiles.

How Hot Wheels designers miniaturize real cars that can work on their tracks—some car companies even send in their design files.

"It's Been Pouring," a photo essay of and by mothers with postpartum depression.

New Orleans music icon Dr. John dies at 77. Watch him play "Such a Night" from The Last Waltz.

Video: SpaceX's linked, internet-providing satellites are already ruining sky views for astronomers.

What it might sound like if Nick Cave trained an AI to write Nick Cave lyrics.

Movie tie-in novelists discuss how to stay within canon while simultaneously challenging and satisfying hungry fans.

This week’s ambience: Forty minutes of a dot matrix printer printing a color hot dog banner in real time.