Headlines edition

Friday headlines: It’s electric!

About 575 people, mostly women, were arrested in Washington D.C. while protesting Trump’s immigration policy.

In the run-up to his new summit with Putin, Trump says once again Russia probably didn’t hack our election in his favor.

Ten reasons why this is the best time ever to study political science in America.

All eyes turn to Senators Murkowski and Collins, who might defy Trump to save Roe v. Wade.

Businesses worldwide called The Red Hen are being mistaken and heckled for the one that didn't serve Sarah Sanders.

Making the case for blacklisting members of the Trump administration from restaurants.

Some actual research shows up in a good Twitter conversation about civility.

Trump's trade war is spooking New Orleans, America's biggest port, where $62 billion worth of exports head overseas.

Engineers in Rotterdam demonstrate how to make a city waterproof.

If you live in New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles, you smoke upwards of four cigarettes a day just by breathing the air.

Some nice illustrations of cities, by artist James Gilleard.

An imaginary visit to cities that famous architects and planners wanted to build but never did.

Mars is experiencing a "planet-encircling" dust event, the first storm of global magnitude since 2007.

The Capital Gazette pays tribute to its five employees killed by a gunman who had a grudge against the newspaper.

A New York Times reporter returns to Venezuela and finds money to be mostly worthless.

Businesses worldwide prefer cashless transactions. One consequence: In the service industry, technology is killing off the tip.

When people aren’t represented in literature, they’re “excluded from the human family.”

Thousands of Swedes have inserted microchips into their bodies, often as part of the transhumanist movement.

A list of the many items prohibited from Paul Simon’s farewell tour.

Once you start to think “The Electric Slide” is about using a vibrator, it’s hard to stop.