Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: It’s the climate, stupid

The death toll from flooding in the Libyan coastal city of Serna has now reached an astonishing 11,300 people. / Al Jazeera

The CDC says that, compared to last year, it's expecting a similar number of hospitalizations this year from Covid, RSV, and flu. / Reuters

Related: "Some 58% of all infectious diseases encountered by humans can be aggravated by climate change." / Financial Times

For the first time, the United Auto Workers are now striking against all of the big three Detroit automakers simultaneously. / NPR

See also: To benefit their crews' healthcare, entertainers are selling their services—e.g., Natasha Lyonne will help you solve the New York Times Sunday crossword. / eBay

"I'm confident that you could raise enough money to buy out Spotify or a big record label or a ticketing company." Ted Gioia's open letter to Taylor Swift. / The Honest Broker

The food industry is using influencer dietitians to try and manipulate public opinion about sugar and artificial sweeteners. / The Washington Post [+]

The city council from the Texas town with 250 residents and 50 police officers voted this week to fire its police chief and deactivate the entire department. / KHOU

Texas crypto miners enjoy deep electricity discounts and exemptions, with some miners making millions selling power back to the grid. / Earth Justice

"What is the value added in something that creates a barrier?" It's time to abolish letters of recommendation. / Hyperallergic

The abandoned lander from the 1972 Apollo 17 lunar mission is causing small moonquakes. / CNN

"This year we have texts between an oddly formal soapbox derby team (???) and what seems to be a kind of stuffed-pasta club." A literary history of fake texts in Apple marketing. / Read Max