Headlines Edition

Friday headlines: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m what?

Despite telehealth’s expansion in the past year and a half, it has largely failed to reach the 57 million people in rural parts of the country. / STAT

Covid-19 is killing rural Americans at twice the rate of people in urban areas. / NBC News

Britain’s government-funded furlough program ended yesterday, after subsidizing nearly 12 million jobs for 18 months. / The Wall Street Journal

In major metropolitan areas, the number of eviction filings has dropped or remained flat since the Supreme Court struck down the CDC’s moratorium in August. / The Washington Post

California will return a historic piece of land in Manhattan Beach to the descendants of a Black couple who were robbed of it almost a century ago. / The Los Angeles Times

Former French President Sarkozy receives a one year sentence (to be served at home) for illegal campaign financing. / France24

China celebrates “National Day” as the government embarks on a massive social engineering project “on a scale unknown since Mao Zedong was China’s supreme leader.” / Al Jazeera

More than 350 American police officers convicted of felony crimes have already received pension payments or are eligible in the future, according to an analysis. / CNN

Among headlines we struggle to comprehend (well, we comprehend them, but you know): “Goldman Sachs Banker Turned Gen Z VC Launches TikTok Game.” / Bloomberg Technology

When a plant barely exists in the natural world but lives on your windowsill, is it really endangered? / The Walrus

Related: Mick Jagger enters a dive bar in Charlotte and nobody recognizes him. / North Carolina Rabbit Hole

Profiles of Texas women who race lawn mowers. And what it’s like to work full-time inside a virtual world. / Texas Monthly, Immersed

See also: A man serenades some geese with a harmonica. / YouTube

For much of the eighteenth century, Western intellectuals chased after mermaids, trying to pin down “humanity’s marine origins.” / The Public Domain Review

Behind-the-scenes pictures from the new Bond film, from a longtime official James Bond photographer. / GWP

For what it’s worth, Daniel Craig just learned about his “weekend meme.” / The Week