Headlines Edition

Friday headlines: Let the sun not go down on your bath

Why does Puerto Rico lead the United States in vaccination and low coronavirus transmission rate? Because Covid's been politicized "in a different way." / NPR

Unrelated: Why did Joe Biden give Olivia Rodrigo a shoehorn? / The Cut

Your unvaccinated friends and family are roughly 20 times more likely to give you Covid. / The Conversation

As of two days ago, the top song on iTunes is an anti-vax anthem with lines like "the pandemic ain't real they planned it." / Twitter

Nearly 70 percent of Americans believe the climate crisis is happening, but almost half of them don't think it's caused by humans. / VICE

Six trends to spot in the latest round of climate security reports. / Lawfare

Leaders gather for the G-20 summit, where they'll likely extend a program that suspends the debt payments of the world's poorest countries. / France24

A Korean professor is in hot water (sorry) for giving an online class while taking a bath. "W​e kept hearing the water splash." / The Korea Times

China cracks down on "vanity-project" super skyscrapers. Cities of less than 3 million people can no longer build taller than 150 meters. / Reuters

A group of firms wants to build the world's largest community of 3D-printed homes in Austin, Texas. / ICON

Robbert Dijkgraaf: AI engineers write code with "the same wishful thinking and misunderstanding" that alchemists had when mixing magic potions. / Quanta Magazine

Harvard profited from slavery. One way to address that legacy: relinquish its daguerreotypes of enslaved men and women. / Hyperallergic

From 2015, reading Frank Herbert's Dune as a climate novel. / Salon

"There's a lot of misogyny going on, honestly." Illustrator Iman Joy El Shami-Mader discusses the art of severed limbs. / Atlas Obscura

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Another short story for the Halloween season: "Darkroom" by BLDBLG's Geoff Manaugh. And how about a poem: "Halation," by Carolyn Kizer. / Plotter, The Paris Review