Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Locks, lights, out of sight.

As the trade negotiation deadline passes, Trump's tariffs on Chinese goods jump from 10% to 25%, and economists think it's likely China will miss its growth targets as a result of the tariffs, and will enact stimulus measures.

In an op-ed, Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes calls the degree of Mark Zuckerberg's power "unprecedented and un-American" and says Facebook's acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp have turned it into a monopoly that needs to be broken up.

Saying Facebook is a monopoly is a lot easier than proving it, which is exactly what would need to be done by antitrust officials in a case that could eventually land in the Supreme Court.

Related: Mark Zuckerberg is meeting in Paris today with President Macron, who wants Facebook to make good on its pledges to remove misinformation and hate speech.

"Attention please. Lockdown. Locks, lights, out of sight." A student's audio and texts during this week's shooting at the STEM School in Highlands Ranch, Colo.

After spending 62 days in jail for refusing to testify, Chelsea Manning has been released from federal custody. However, next week she's expected to appear in court, where it's likely she'll again be held in contempt.

An experiment found that when children learn about climate change, their conservative parents become less skeptical.

Whites have nearly exclusive access to a drug that curbs opioid cravings, while overdose deaths among blacks increase.

It became possible to think... “Maybe the antidepressants will help.” And they did. And so you’ve got the...emergence of depression in the way we think about it now—as the common cold of psychiatry. A new book covers the history of how big pharma profited from mental illness and altered society’s view of many disorders.

Exploiting a discontinued insulin pump's security flaw, hackers can offload blood sugar micromanagement to an algorithm.

Internet ad reportage: Who is this "gut doctor" and what vegetable is he begging you to throw out?

Why migratory birds fly in v-formation: Because each bird catches an uprush of air from the wingtip of the bird ahead.

For millennia, transitive inference was considered a hallmark of human deductive powers, a form of logical reasoning used to make inferences: If A is greater than B, and B is greater than C, then A is greater than C. A new study finds the first evidence of inferred logic in a nonvertebrate: a wasp.

Pope Francis has issued new regulations requiring priests and nuns to report abuse and cover-ups to church authorities.

Opinion: It's time to have an atheist in the Oval Office. Churchill was one, and that worked out pretty well.

By now, ad tech's overreach into our lives should know not to show Mother's Day ads to those who've lost their mothers. And yet.

A snapshot of the ancient drug trade: A 1,000-year-old pouch with the residue of five psychoactive drugs is found in the Andes.

Friendship bracelets welded around the wrist are an interesting experiment in permanence to everyone except TSA agents.

A chef was stopped by customs while trying to bring 40 frozen piranhas through LAX. "He used them that night on a salad."

Aerial photos of solar power plants by Bernhard Lang.

A group of 19th-century English artists went wild for wombats, because Australia represented everything that England was not.