Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: “Look at me and tell me that it doesn’t matter.”

The Senate Judiciary Committee votes at 1:30 pm. ET on Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination. If it passes, a full Senate vote could happen early next week.

"Look at me and tell me that it doesn't matter." Sexual assault survivors this morning confronted Sen. Jeff Flake, who then moments later voted not to subpoena Mark Judge.

Christine Blasey Ford's testimony yesterday was brilliant and harrowing.

The American Bar Association—in whose good standing Kavanaugh referenced himself repeatedly during yesterday's testimony—calls for a delay in confirmation pending an FBI investigation.

The editors of the Jesuit publication America Magazine say the nomination for Jesuit-educated Kavanaugh should be withdrawn.

Do you know how embarrassing it is for a Georgetown Prep graduate to NOT be on the Supreme Court? They are literally 12 PERCENT of the court! Alexandra Petri: HOW DARE YOU DO THIS TO BRETT KAVANAUGH?

The "Devil's Triangle" Wikipedia entry was anonymously edited from a Congressional IP address during Kavanaugh's testimony, in which he lied that the term refers to a drinking game and not a sex act.

Students sitting in Harvard Law classrooms Thursday “applauded” and “burst out in cheers” when Kavanaugh said he might never return to a teaching role.

If the Democrats take control in the midterms, expect talk of impeachment for both Trump and Kavanaugh.

See how successful your Congressional representatives are in passing the legislation you want them to.

It was a Saturday. How do I know it was probably a Saturday, or possibly a Friday? I don’t have it written down in any calendar, but it had to have been a Saturday because I never went out on weekdays. I still don’t, so we can cross off all the other days of the week. Lacey Donohue lists the details of her sexual assault—because people apparently need all the details to believe you.

Half of all sexual assaults in the US involve alcohol. More than that involve toxic masculinity.

Texas's Attorney General wants to expel a student over not standing for the pledge of allegiance (it's a state law).

Results from a 1960 test showed teens who scored low in certain areas were more at risk for later-life dementia.

Particulate matter found in pregnant women's placentas suggests the effects of air pollution can reach fetuses.

US health officials theorize how antiretroviral drugs could potentially end HIV transmission within a few years.

PTSD can look different in those with autism than for everyone else—and thus often goes ignored or undiagnosed.

In school, girls are better than boys at reading. But it could be a lack of a right-book, right-reader curriculum.

After a lengthy bait-and-switch, CBS shuts down a popular, Trekkie-built virtual replica of the Enterprise.

Zinn makes the simple yet critical point that people make their own way to political consciousness: “You read a book, you meet a person, you have a single experience, and your life is changed in some way. No act, therefore, however small, should be dismissed or ignored.” Present-day activism needs Howard Zinn.

Sweden's advertising ombudsman rules the "distracted boyfriend" meme is sexist.

The popularity of video games are in large part responsible for the popularity of electronic music.

Enhanced satellite photos of Earth show the consequences of environmental challenges.

Among other transgressions, Facebook gives your phone number to advertisers if you set up two-factor authentication.

Realistic glass sculptures of water-filled plastic bags, by Dylan Martinez.

Mind-bending, three-dimensional figure paintings by Jonathan Djob Nkondo.

A video for “Mary Don’t You Weep” from Piano & a Microphone, Prince’s recently released collection of brilliant, spare demos from 1983. “I don’t like no snow, no winter, no cold.”